Ecovis Tax Breakfast

May 11, 2017 | Events

The topic of Ecovis Tax Breakfast which was held on May 10, 2017 in K+K Hotel Opera was about invoicing. Two sub-parts of the topic were processed: first one was the electronic billing and issues in regards to digitalization and data disclosure of billing programs, the second one was the actual periodic accounting and transfer-price adjustments.

The vocational program was opened by Dr. Péter Balogh, the managing partner of ECOVIS HUNGARY’s law office and then expert lectures were held by dr. Szabolcs Czöndör (Tax Authority), dr. László Kelemen (Ecovis Tax Solution) and Lajos Bagdi (Niveus).

Following the lectures guests had the chance for an open conversion and to share their work related questions. Participants received a presentation copy of the “Invoicing Handbook 2017” which has been recently published by the collaboration of Ecovis and Vezinfó.