Peter Kesseő-Balogh
Attorney-At-Law | Mediator | Founding Equity Partner
Dr Kornél Jean
Attorney-At-Law | Managing Equity Partner
Attorney-At-Law | Senior Partner
Attorney-At-Law | Mediator | Senior Partner
Attorney-At-Law | Senior Partner
Attorney-At-Law | Partner | Accredited Public Procurement Consultant
Partner | Managing Director
Partner | Chief Accountant
Certified Accountant | Payroll and HR
Managing Director
Auditor | Wirtschaftsprüferin
Attorney-At-Law | Senior Partner
dr Sándor Hortobágyi
Attorney-At-Law | Partner | Public Procurement Consultant
Lawyer | Customs consultant
Tax advisor | Tax expert
Dr. Kálmán Kinga
Associated Attorney | Data Protection Expert
Farkas Szilvia
Head of Communications & Marketing
Dr. Nagy-Fribiczer Gabriella
Specialist in Public Procurement and European Union Law