July 12, 2019
Loft conversion is a popular and one of the most economic forms to increase the comfort level of residential buildings or to increase rental income. Are you aware in what cases you need to have permission from the designer of the building? And when do you have to pay extra royalty? And what if property rights collude with copyrights? According to the provisions of the act on copyrights we... »
June 10, 2019
Only a few people use public CCTV to detect infringements in public places although private individuals have the right to request the footage. It is good to know in what cases, from who and how long it is possible to view camera footage, for example if you wish to seek compensation for damage. The police and the public safety office are authorized to operate public surveillance systems but... »
May 15, 2019
If you water your garden with groundwater and you are not quite sure if you have a permit for the well – we advise you to read what you can expect subsequently to the change in the relevant law: According to the amendment, entered into force on the 1st of January, 2019, in the case of borehole and dug wells, the further use of them requires authorization from the relevant supervisory authority... »
April 16, 2019
We may freely dispose of the 1 + 1 % of our personal income tax (PIT) again this year; however it is not a necessary step to complete our tax return and the tax authority will not fill in this statement for us. It is our task to make a statement in terms of the 1% that we wish to donate; this year the deadline is May 20. We can do it on paper and online as well; we summarized the possibilities... »
March 20, 2019
There is a lot of misinformation about the impact of part-time work on reaching retirement age and on the amount of the pension. First, it is worth clarifying that part-time employment is irrelevant in respect of retirement age; and in terms of eligibility it is not proportional. The condition of the eligibility for the old-age full pension is to reach the retirement age specified by the... »
March 06, 2019
It is a frequent issue in probate proceedings whether the descendants of the testator are entitled to any portion of the estate when legatees and intestate heirs are different persons; and if so; in what way. To answer the question the two different succession regimes - disposition of property upon death and intestate succession - must be separated. Close relatives of the deceased are... »
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