Intelligent conflict management

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that avoids both ordinary and arbitrary court proceedings. In the procedure the opposing parties voluntarily and peacefully attempt to resolve their differences by reaching a mutually acceptable outcome with the assistance of an independent and unbiased person, i.e. the mediator.  This method of conflict management is quicker, more peaceful and more effective than a long-lasting lawsuit.

The Act LV of 2012 introduced the possibility of mediation in Hungary. The law prescribes that only properly qualified (as defined by the decree of the minister) and highly educated persons (or organizations employing that person) can practice the activities of a mediator who are registered in the directory of mediators kept by the ministry.

Managing and equity partner Dr. György Zalavári LL.M besides being an attorney-at-law; has been successfully conducting mediation activities for years, especially in business conflicts. Both our colleague and Ecovis Zalavári Legal Hungary (Ecovis Zalavári Ügyvédi Irodaare in the directory of mediators kept by the ministry.

Please feel free to contact our mediation expert, who offers you brand new ways to intelligently manage your conflict.