European partner meeting in Sofia

July 13, 2016 | Events

This year the meeting of the Ecovis European partners, organized by Ecovis UBC Bulgaria, was held between 19 and 21 May in Sofia. Dr. György Zalavári and Dr. Balogh Kata, responsible for international relations, represented Ecovis Hungary Legal and Ecovis Tax Solution Ltd. who had recently joined Ecovis Hungary was represented by Dr. Kelemen László. Last year Ecovis continued its strategic to dynamically broaden within Europe, thus at the event in Sofia new offices joined the international network from the UK, Greece, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Slovakia. Please visit our office so that we can help you find your way in the international Ecovis network and connect you with our most competent partner office within your region. For further information on the international activities of Ecovis please visit