Limiting Airbnb in a Condominium

August 16, 2018

What can a condominium do if an owner rents out his unit for Airbnb?

On the other hand, what issues should you consider if you wish to provide accommodation services in your apartment?

In general it can be said that owners have the right to make use of their flat at their own discretion; while the co-owners have the right to take legal actions against disturbances in the condominium.

According to the act on condominiums, limiting provisions may be stipulated in the organizational and operational rules of the condominium. However, there is a uniform court practice on the sanctions that a condominium may or may not impose, not even by a resolution of the homeowner’s association.

How to properly limit or prohibit certain activities in a condominium is explained in more detail in our Hungarian blog post.

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