Main Personal Income Tax Services

1. Personal Income Tax Compliance Services

1.1. Arrival / departure meeting

  • Tax orientation meeting with the client in order to obtain the necessary background information for determining his tax status

1.2. Preparation of quarterly tax advance calculation

  • Individuals receiving taxable income directly from abroad (from non-Hungarian payroll) shall pay tax advances on a quarterly basis

1.3. Preparation of annual Hungarian personal income tax return


  • determination of tax position, tax resident status
  • calculation of the Hungarian yearly tax liabilities
  • preparation of the tax return based on the 
information received from the individual and 
from the payers
  • forwarding the tax return with an instruction letter 
to the individual for approval and signature

1.4. Extension letter

  • Preparing an extension letter for the Hungarian tax authority if the deadline is missed by any reason

1.5. Determining tax resident status based on the domestic-, and the relevant double tax treaty regulations

1.6. Representation before the Hungarian tax authority


2. Further tax related services:

2.1. Obtaining tax ID number / Hungarian social security number (TAJ)

2.2. Tax account statement review

2.3. Obtaining Hungarian tax resident certificate, income- and tax certificate


3. Tax advisory services

Advisory services on dependent-, independent-, and investment incomes

Fees of the above services are calculated at hourly rates according to the time spent on the issue.