Paper free Tax Authority & new document of self revision

April 20, 2018

Paper free Tax Authority

The Hungarian Tax Athority – uniquely in EU – launched the paper-free tax audit successfully. This will result in significant cost and time savings to the enterpreneurs.

Preliminary announcement on self revision

We draw your attention to a new document (18ONELLB). With this document tax payer can announce the future self revision and within 15 days of announcement the Tax Authority can not start a tax audit regarding tax type and period included in announcement. Of course self revision can be done any time without previous announment as well.

Personal income tax 1%+1% declaration

Although there is no further possibility of preparation tax return by the employer from January 2018 but the 1+1% donation declarations can be collected by them. Employees have to provide these documents in closed envelopes with signatures and registration till 10th May 2019.

If you are interested in this topic please, contact our experts and we will provide you with further details.