December 14, 2022 | CSR

In the spirit of our social responsibility, we have once again donated this year's Christmas gifts to VONESZO - Foundation for the Disadvantaged in 2022.

VONESZO's project " Teenage Adventure, Take Me In" provides development opportunities for teenagers living in a family's temporary home. The Foundation uses a variety of art therapy tools and improvisational theatre techniques to help young people act out difficult moments in their lives, learn about the tools of drama and build their self-confidence.  The VONESZO experts help educators and professionals in child protection institutions by providing training, supervision and self-awareness groups.

The project, which covers the whole school year, reflects the four core values of VONESZO: predictability, regularity, personalisation and assistance based on the real needs of children and their carers.

Dr. Sándor Hortobágyi, our partner and a partner lawyer and long-time VONESZO volunteer, personally experienced many years ago that these simple-sounding principles are not easy to translate into meaningful and genuinely helpful fundraising activities in everyday life, but that is precisely the strength and power of VONESZO. Supporting and using support is good and well worthwhile.

We are confident that our support has helped to ensure that the project is sustainable.