Tobii Eye Tracker – a useful helpmate

May 27, 2021 | CSR

Ecovis Hungary continued its charitable activities and recently another person in need, Péter Somogyi received the device which makes it possible for the young man, who is significantly disabled, to communicate with the outside world.

Tobii Eye Tracker, a special computer accessory manufactured by the Swedish Tobii, helps him to control the computer only with his eyes without using hands. Peter is an adult and married, the Eye Tracker makes his everyday life easier and more colorful, which he can use for as long as he wishes.

The maintenance of the device and its repair in case of failure is arranged by our office.

We purchased the special accessories (Tobii Dynavox PCEyeGo Gaze Selection and Tobii Mouse Emulation with the relevant software and Hungarian-English sound) from the Hungarian reseller, Kapcsol-AT Assziszív Technológiák Kft. in 2015.