All you need to know about invoicing in 2017

May 16, 2017

In the collaboration of ECOVIS HUNGARY and Vezinfó Publisher new series of professional handbooks is being launched this spring. “Invoicing Handbook 2017” - published in March - is the first piece of the series.
The author is dr. László Kelemen, the head of Ecovis Tax Solution, who explains administrative obligations by summarizing his practical experiences gained during his tax expert career and substantively points out to the relevant rules of sales tax.
Further details were presented at Ecovis Tax Breakfast at K+K Hotel Opera on 10 May, 2017. Besides Ecovis, leading experts from the National Tax Authority and Niveus informed the participants at the professional conference who received a presentation copy of the handbook.
The handbook - subtitled: All you need to know about invoicing - examines the relevant rules from a billing point of view and provides the latest and most practical information divided in two main chapters: issuer and addressee of the invoice.

The author regularly gives lectures at vocational conferences organized by Vezinfó.
Tax advisors, lawyers, accounting experts and auditors at ECOVIS HUNGARY support the creation of practice-oriented handbooks by offering their complex and up-to-date expertise.
You can order the book in the web store of Vezinfó Publisher and Advisory Kft. specialized for professional handbooks.