Allocation of vacation time

What are the legal options for put off the allocation of the remaining annual vacation?

The year-end game has begun: What to do with the not allocated vacation days?

Although many have already used much of their vacation this year to keep their jobs, there are employees who have been unable to take their days off or have set it aside as an emergency reserve.

Employers also tend to approach the issue loosely and do not feel the responsibility for the rule that “Vacation time shall be allocated in the year in which it is due.” Or just not interpret it appropriately: "If the employee didn't manage to use his/her full vacation time, that's how it went!"

Yet the nullification of the not allocated vacation is unlawful, and monetary compensation is not a viable option during the employment relationship.

Then what can we do? We have briefly summarized the possibilities under the Labor Code to “postpone” the holidays, that is, to carry over a part of the annual leave to the following year.

If it still doesn’t work, the employer should still choose the “lesser of two evils” - but that’s what we wrote about in our article in Hungarian.