Compulsory warranty for new housing

Housing construction with guarantee

In the domestic housing market, more and more new builds are being delivered and as buyers we cannot always be completely happy with the finish.
It is therefore worth being aware that the rules on compulsory warranties - commonly known as guarantees - for new housing construction are laid down in a separate government decree and offer legal remedies in the event of defective performance.
In this article, we explain, among other things, the concepts of implied warranty and defective performance.
We explain the difference between a warranty of convenience and a guarantee and the cases of mandatory guarantees:
In addition to the 5-year warranty, the law obliges contractors to provide 3 different warranty periods for different parts of the property. Some parts of the building are covered by a 3-year guarantee, others by a 5-year guarantee and some structural elements by a 10-year guarantee.
 It is good to know that the warranty right can be enforced without the possible non-transfer of the warranty ticket.
In addition to our summary, it is also worth looking at the short Government Decree so that we know in advance how long we as purchasers are protected by the warranty for certain parts of the new-build property we are buying and can enforce our rights. 
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