Defamation or free speech?

Let’s debate without risking defamation!

It is easy to commit defamation if you get into a heated dispute in social media.
When you are harshly criticised or when it is you having a bad day and you fail to remain objective in a comment - it can even fall into the category of defamation.
And if someone takes it seriously and makes a report, it can also lead to criminal liability and legal consequences.

What is defamation?
According to the Hungarian Criminal Code, the use of an expression in public which is injurious to the good name or reputation of another person qualifies as defamation. This misdemeanour is punishable by imprisonment not exceeding one year.

What expressions can qualify as defamation? Where and within what deadline can be a private motion filed for defamation? How defamation cases usually end up in practice?
Our summary in Hungarian explains the essential details.

Naturally, we can formulate our own opinion, but living in the age rude insults and trolling, it is worth keeping in mind: Do not criticise other people’s personality but comment on their actions and statements, preferably avoiding inappropriate wording.
And if someone deliberately, repeatedly and rudely violates your good name or reputation, take legal actions against it. Our summary also helps you with this.