Donation to the VONESZO Foundation

December 15, 2021 | CSR

In 2021, we opened another area of our social responsibility by helping disadvantaged children: At the suggestion of a partner lawyer of Ecovis Hungary Legal, a long-time supporter and volunteer of the foundation, we donated the amount for this year's Christmas gift to the VONESZO Foundation.

VONESZO - Foundation for the Disadvantaged provides regular support services to professionals and beneficiaries of child protection institutions. Their year-round programmes, their experts and their volunteers who travel around the country are perhaps even more needed in these mentally stressful times.

The human support provided to young people and their takecarers in children's homes and family transition homes takes the form of a wide range of activities, from soul-refreshing play sessions, psychodrama groups and summer camping to digital and professional skills development and mentoring.

Psycho-social rehabilitation for children at risk of mental health problems who enter the child protection system includes supporting their social integration and trying to offer them prospects. They live under a strict regime in the child protection system, with few programme opportunities, meaning every project also means extra attention for them.

We also believe that support should be personal, need-based and predictable.