September 24, 2020 | Vocational

In September, ECOVIS ACADEMY, a comprehensive program for internal training of our coworkers, was relaunched. The initiative is nothing new: we have combined several years of tradition and our development plans, which were frozen this spring due to the pandemic, into a complex training program.

The professional and personal development of our colleagues has been supported by the office in many ways, also taking into account individual needs. In the framework of Ecovis Academy, we have the opportunity to set up multi-module workshops for leaders and for professionals - with regular updates on interdependent skills and expertise.

The concept is to give all colleagues the opportunity to develop personal skills that support professional cooperation and facilitate mutual understanding, with a unified curriculum. Our practice groups propose topics and case studies for the vocational workshops that changes monthly as well as in addition to our partner lawyers, other lawyers experienced in the given field can also take on the role of lecturers.

Given the period of the coronavirus pandemic, workshops are organized in mini groups of max 8 people with appropriate distance and caution but with greater frequency. In recent weeks, our staff has already completed two mandatory training modules, and we have also gone beyond fine-tuning.

And as an emergency scenario, we are confident that using the development of our digital skills, we can even continue online for a while if the transition becomes necessary.