ECOVIS HUNGARY offers new adviser services in customs law

August 01, 2016

Having regard to these circumstances, we are happy to announce that the team of ECOVIS HUNGARY’s legal office will have a new member from August 1, 2016. Veronika Tolnainé Tóth is our new adviser specialized in customs law.

Her skills are unique in explanation of union and national customs legislation, optimize customs related economic firm flows, and she helps the work of lawyers in juridical procedures as a customs expert.

She has a wide range of working experience in writing of national custom legislation, as she has been working for the Ministry of Economic and the previous Ministry of Finance for almost 18 years. After Hungary’s accession to the EU she attended the meetings of the EU Council’s customs working groups and took part in meetings organized with OLAF and EU Commission. 

She earned her degree as a lawyer at ELTE in 1998, specialized as an organizer in customs law in 2001, and specialized as a lawyer in tax law in 2010.

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