Four Musketeers of Ecovis 2018

January 08, 2019 | Other

In 2018 Ecovis Hungary Legal, for the second time, rewarded its best colleagues in four categories.

The winners, György Zalavári Dr, Attila Fehér Dr, Gábor Vizsy Dr, and Piroska Butiné Kótai were announced at the corporate Christmas party in December.

Following a two round secret ballot by the colleagues, the winners received the "Ecovis Musketeer of the Year" reward in the following categories: partner, associated attorney / senior associate, junior associate and back office staff member. It did not change that the co-workers could freely nominate anyone; there was just one restriction: to give reason for your choice.

As for the laudation of the winners of 2018, votes were briefly summarized publicly since these thoughts were important feedback about teamwork, attitude, expertise and humanity.

The Musketeers, selected from the 50-member team of the law firm, enjoyed not only the sympathy, professional recognition, support and appreciation of their colleagues, but also won prizes offered by the board. These prizes were – depending on the given category – bonus, 2 extra days off and a dinner for 2 at the STAND, the restaurant recently opened by Tamás Széll and Szabina Szulló in Budapest.

The Four Musketeers of Ecovis who we are very proud of are:

Piroska Butiné Kótai – back office staff member

Gábor Vizsy Dr – junior associate

Attila Fehér Dr – associated attorney / senior associate

György Zalavári Dr – partner attorney