High fines for failing to sign up for the data protection register

May 23, 2017

The number of registrations with the data protection register greatly increased last year, from 7 to 17 thousand. Nearly half of the 1,000 written concerns in connection with data protection proved to be wrongful. The extent of the monetary penalty is relatively low to the European average; however, it is going to significantly increase thanks to the new European General Data Protection Regulation from May 2018. All the above information was reported by Attila Péterfalvi the Chairman of the National Data Protection and Information Freedom Office (“NAIH”) at a press conference summing up 2016.
It is worth checking whether you need to register.
Although many people believe that registration with the data protection register is in connection with database building or mass DM mailings, it can easily happen that your business is also concerned and you process personal data which is to be registered. For example a simple web-store needs to register if it uses its customers’ addresses for DM purposes or just forwards these addresses to couriers.
The data protection register is upheld by “NAIH”. The register is accessible online for everyone and registered organizations may be identified by a search engine on NAIH’s website. After having been registered to the database, the organization receives a registration number which is to be highlighted on its newsletters and marketing mails.
Failing to register with the database can mean a massive monetary penalty if the NAIH finds out.
Regarding the ways of registration, conditions and any other related matters do not hesitate to contact the legal experts at Ecovis Hungary Legal.