Junior lawyers for our clients

February 24, 2021 | Events

We announced a competition for Ecovis junior lawyers with the intention of creating a tradition, and the first winner of which is dr. Daniel Kaltenecker who was greeted by our managing equity partner at the February awards ceremony.

Our junior lawyers were enthusiastic and committed to compete and to begin to develop their own clientele within their practice group in addition to their day-to-day tasks and to the burden of continuous learning. The competition was held on a voluntary and only-win basis. The most successful junior lawyer has been awarded.

At the end of 2019 when junior lawyers received the annual invitation, it could have not yet been foreseen that the following year would not only reshape the planned direction of development but will also overturn our usual operation. Thus, at the 2020 annual assessment, it is a special pleasure that we have been able to assist many new clients but also we could maintain the trust of our existing clients. Our junior lawyers have taken a serious role in this, and we are proud of their independence, initiative and professional performance.

According to Ecovis Hungary Legal’s policy, under the guidance of an experienced partner lawyer several experts work together to complete an assignment in a practice group and junior lawyers will gradually have the opportunity to work more and more independently.

Quality performance and effective representation of our clients require not only expertise and professional competencies, but also the development of soft skills that university education cannot cover.

Thus, young colleagues will soon be able to take part in a new gap-filling course in ECOVIS ACADEMY - but only in digital form for the time being.