Labour law guide to corporate events

Typical situations at corporate events and their labour law relevance that you should be aware of

During the Christmas season, labour law consequences of “accidents” taking place at corporate events are particularly relevant.

Is dismissal with immediate effect lawful if the employee got a little drunk? Is the employee to pay for the damage if he dropped the Herendi porcelain? Will the employee get sick pay if dancing with the boss ends in an injury?

May the company event be held either within or outside working hours, certain rules must be met at all times. Employees have to compel with the general principles set out by the Labor Code and have to fulfil the essential obligations laid down by the Labor Code.

Our labour law guide provides a brief overview what qualifies as an occupation accident, about the issue of damage and what to look out to avoid violating the economic interest of the employer even after having a couple of glasses of champagne.

You can find a comprehensive overview in our Hungarian blog entry.

If you are interested in this topic please, contact us for more information in English.