Musketeers of Ecovis 2021

January 26, 2022 | Events

Ecovis Hungary Legal chose Ecovis Musketeer for the fifth time in December 2021: The 4 Musketeers became 5 this year!

It was not on purpose but there was a tie in one of the categories from the beginning of the vote which lasted until the final round. So for the first time in our five-year old program, but just this year, we awarded 5 Musketeers as our best: (from left to right on the picture): Márton Farkas Dr, Ákos Bihary Dr, Nóra Lukács, (Kornél Jean Dr as award presenter), Dániel Kaltenecker Dr and Attila Fehér Dr.

In the program launched in 2017 we award our best colleagues in every year: nominees are selected based on professional achievements, personal development and community participation. Both Ákos Bihary Dr and Attila Fehér Dr were awarded for the 3rd time in the course of the 5-years history of the program.

Unfortunately, due the prolonged pandemic situation the celebration was quite moderate again. The results were announced in written form and the winners honored by the colleagues were greeted in a narrow circle with a glass of champagne. The Ecovis Musketeers enjoyed not only the appreciation of their colleagues, but also won prizes offered by the board: some bonus and 2 extra days off.

Ecovis Hungary Legal always starts the voting procedure in early December, and after the two-round voting where employees are nominated secretly, “Ecovis Musketeer of the Year” is awarded in four categories: partner, associated attorney / senior associate, junior associate and back-office staff member. There are hardly any limitations when it comes to nomination except for one: every choice must be reasoned. Laudation of the winners takes place by summarizing the reasoning since these thoughts are important feedbacks on teamwork, attitude, professionalism and humanity.

The Musketeers of Ecovis 2021 who we are very proud of:

Ákos Bihary Dr – Partner Attorney

Márton Farkas Dr and Attila Fehér Dr – Associated Attorney / Senior Associate

Kaltenecker Dániel Dr – Junior Associate

Nóra Lukács – Back Office Staff Member