NAAVA - an innovative solution for healthy office air

February 23, 2022 | CSR

From 2022, Ecovis Hungary Legal will place greater emphasis on environmentally conscious and sustainable operations, a healthy work environment and professional activities related to environmental protection.

The law firm where a strategic renewal took place last year has initiated various changes. As one of these changes we recently chose a special, innovative solution to ensure good air in the office environment:

The first NAAVA unit was installed in early February in one of our meeting rooms. The multifunctional living green is a special air purifier and it can also be used as a design furniture. Improvement in the air quality is already being perceived by our employees and clients, who are experimenting more favorable physiological effects.

NAAVA enhances the connection between nature and human-friendly environments indoors.

The invention based on NASA technology works with artificial intelligence and  began its world-conquering journey from Finland more than a decade ago. Its office in Hungary opened up a few months ago. Ecovis Hungary Legal was the first law firm in Hungary to have installed NAAVA in its meeting room.

The equipment offers much more than an ordinary green wall. Prevents the development of indoor symptoms and reduces fatigue. By constantly monitoring the characteristics of the room, it optimizes the humidity and purifies the air by filtering harmful chemicals through plants inoculated with special bacteria. The performance of NAAVA installed at us is approx. equal to 150 m2 of general green wall plants.

Our office has embarked on a journey of healthy air and marvellous, sustainable greenery. We believe that we can also help redefine the modern indoor work environment as a showroom.

In the fields of environmental law, waste management and mining law, we have so far been able to follow a number of excellent green projects by our partners. We would also like to contribute to the future of conscious environmental protection by learning from good examples and building professional collaborations.