Office life resumed with an anniversary celebration

August 04, 2020 | Events

In July we returned to the office and as a first community event we celebrated an anniversary: Veronika Sáfár has been a member of our team for 10 years!

We have been looking forward to the ceremony which had been postponed since March due to the state of emergency. Vera has been supporting our office with all her heart and soul: she had begun to work as a receptionist and filing clerk and then she stepped up quickly and helped our lawyers in various practice groups. After she returned from being home with her new-born child, she has not only supported us with her excellent assistant work for many years, but she also professionally contributes to organizing our community life.

According to her own confession, the Ecovis office is her second home and the colleagues are almost like family to her - since there are hardly anyone she hasn’t worked with in so many years. Of course, we really count on Vera in the next 10 years as well!

After the toast, our future was on the agenda, and we were finally able to personally discuss the plans based on the lessons of the past 3.5 months. As the working circumstances created solutions that are worth keeping, we are pursuing our digital transformation more vigorously – also serving our clients more flexible.