Regional conference for Ecovis experts in Milan

June 04, 2019 | Events

In Milan, at the annual EMEA regional conference of the Ecovis International network, our office gave a presentation on the experience of the practice of trusts in Hungary.

Ecovis Hungary Legal senior partner dr. György Zalavári, who was elected member of the Supervisory Board last autumn by Ecovis International and dr. Kata Balogh represented our firm at the event where the topics of data mining and analysis of data arising from service activities were in the focus.

Ecovis Hungary shared the practice of trusts in Hungary with the members of the regional advisory network: senior partner dr. Gábor B. Szabó, an international renowned expert of the trust who also took part in the establishment of the Hungarian legal institute, gave a presentation on the characteristics of the Hungarian trust enhancing the experiences concerning the applicability of the Anglo-Saxon template.

The network has expanded again: Spain and Pakistan have introduced their new offices; further strengthening cross-border services.

Since 2005 our law office has been the exclusive Hungarian member of the Ecovis network having more than 6500 experts and operating in 70 countries worldwide. From 2016 ECOVIS HUNGARY the group of four companies offers complex legal, financial and tax solutions to our clients.

Contact us and we will connect you with partner firms operating in other countries of the network. You may read further information on the international activity of Ecovis on the website.