Social Security benefits due to COVID-19

What benefits may people be entitled to if they are unable to go to work due to the coronavirus?

We all have probably created various scenarios in our minds in case we suddenly cannot get to our workplace because of any involvement with the coronavirus. It is ourselves who got sick or a family member, or anyone in the child’s school, or we have just been in contact with one of our infected acquaintances. And the listing can go on.
We would like to help you clarify which legal regulations apply to different cases and what social security benefits you are entitled to. We also put the concepts of labor law in order, and the essential characteristics of various benefits – e.g. duration, age, maximum amount, etc. – are also discussed.
In our latest article we summarize the specifics of the below 3 topics:
1) In case of illness, what do we get, i.e. clarification of the concepts of sick leave - sickness benefit - childcare sickness benefit and their conditions.
2) In case pandemic quarantine is ordered in a certain administrative area such as a district or a city, and we cannot get to our workplace, the employer is not obliged to pay wages. But what else can we expect?
3) What kind of benefit can we claim if we remain able to work but cannot leave our home because of quarantine restrictions due to a suspicion of coronavirus infection?
Persons with social security are not left without benefits in either case but a lower amount than the salary is to be expected.
Our detailed summary in Hungarian is available on Jogadó Blog