Statutory provisions for the allocation of vacation

July 12, 2018

If we wish to avoid unpleasant surprises in relation to our official summer vacation period, then we do have to be familiar with some important statutory provisions regarding the allocation of summer holidays: Many people are unaware that basically it is the employers’ discretion to allocate summer vacation.

However, it is not completely up to the employers to decide about vacation time as employers are obliged to allocate 7 days’ leave per year at the time of the employee’s request. It is also stipulated that the employee must be exempted from work and the obligation to be available at the workplace once for a continuous 14-day period.

If justified, however, the employer may modify the date of the holiday granted or may even terminate the already commenced vacation.

The exact conditions of the allocation of holiday and the compensation of any modification or interruption are explained in more detail in our Hungarian blog post.

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