Telecommuting or home office

Working from home does not necessarily qualify as home office

Telecommuting means a well-known and widely applied way of employment which is regulated by the Labor Code; however there are various misbeliefs and misunderstanding in terms of the rules and related rights.
Teleworkers’ employment is a type of works that can be carried out from home but it is not the kind of home office we use in everyday vocabulary.
The teleworker is also entitled to basic and extra holidays just like an ordinary employee; however he/she is payed per performance and in certain areas the rules are different.
What to know about social security, working hours and reimbursement of costs? What do fundamental rules mean in performance-related pay? How the employer’s right of instruction limited?
In our recent article, you will get answers to the above questions and you can find out what to watch out regarding the special regulation.
You can find a comprehensive overview in our Hungarian blog entry. If you are interested in this topic please, contact us for more information in English.