Two special cases of exemption from the obligation to work

A day off on the day after the elections

This year on April 4, many will not be working due to a special case of exemption from the obligation to work.

If you are a teller or a member of the local election committee on April 3, you will be exempted from work the next day and you will also receive your salary. It's just that your employer isn't paying for that day.

And if you are an employer, you should be aware of when and how you can claim reimbursement from the state for these wages and contributions of your employees.

There are two exceptional and rare cases where, in the context of the public interest, it is justified to exempt an employee from work without causing damage the employer. However, these are not regulated by the Labor Code.

In addition to the activity related to the elections, there is another special case, we present both in our current article, together with the specific provisions. In the introduction, we have also summarized the labor law aspects related to the exemption from the obligation to work.