20 years "for Hungarian mining"

May 30, 2022 | Events

The head of the mining law practice group at Ecovis Hungary Legal has been honored with a professional award.

The Hungarian Mining Association held its 30th anniversary general meeting on Thursday last week. At the ceremony, dr. Jean Kornél, our partner lawyer, as the chairman of the Legal Committee of the Hungarian Mining Association, was honored with a professional medal in recognition of his outstanding legal activity in the field of mining for more than two decades. As the Chairman of the Legal Committee and the member of the Supervisory Board, our managing partner was also pleased to receive the Association's appreciation certificate on the occasion of 30th anniversary.

Dr. Jean Kornél's professional work in the Association began more than 20 years ago, and the mining law tasks of a continuously expanding clientele over the years are now carried out by a practice group of several people at Ecovis. The award is also a recognition of their performance, as the team, together with its leader, serves the interests of domestic mining on a daily basis. From taking care of the legal affairs of multinational, international companies to the complex, professional representation of the interests of Hungarian small and large mining companies, our colleagues perform a wide range of tasks. We are proud of their expert work and it is an honor when it is appreciated by a professional organization.

This activity has long gone beyond the scope of mining law in the narrow sense. Today, it includes environmental and heritage protection matters, civil law and expropriation matters related to land acquisitions, the performance of legal tasks related to the post-utilization of mines, and especially, but not exclusively, planning and executing waste recovery related projects.

Our law office provides clients with complex case management, always adjusting the framework of our operation to their needs.

We regularly share our legal news and practical experience with the audience of mining conferences, most recently on May 11-13, 2022 when we gave a presentation at the Mining Administration Conference XXIV.