Data Protection and Mining Law Practices Continue to Grow

October 03, 2017

We are pleased to announce that new experts have joined ECOVIS HUNGARY.
From September 2017 Dr Szilvia GECSER joined as an associated attorney who specializes in data protection law. The senior lawyer who works in Hungarian and English has been the member of the Budapest Bar Association since 2004.
Our office has long expertise in the field of mining law. Our colleague, equity partner Dr Kornel JEAN, recognized by professionals of the mining society, has further strengthened his working group and also began a publishing activity jointly with one of the most significant representative bodies of the profession.

At the beginning of October, the Mining Law Blog which is an expert website was launched by the Hungarian Mining Association and Ecovis Hungary Legal for working professionals, mining companies or for anyone interested in the topic of the domestic mining industry.
Our latest blog platform presents up-to-date and evergreen information in mining, energy and other related fields from legal and administrative perspectives. We are planning to soon broaden the content with other interesting matters.
Following the launch of the Jogadó Blog in April, this is the second forum where we can inform visitors about useful and practical information, news and expected changes – beyond the short newsletters of our corporate website.

We are constantly seeking to improve – for this purpose, ECOVIS HUNGARY can count on the help of Szilvia FARKAS as a permanent partner who has expertise in corporate communications and marketing.
Although the entries will be published in Hungarian, we are happy to assist you in the above topics in English. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Ecovis Hungary Legal!