Legal practice in real estate affairs | E-learning lectures

November 24, 2020 | Vocational

Summarizing property law topics, the first Ecovis e-learning curriculum has been completed in November, which will be available as a series of video conference lectures until the end of 2021. As part of the educational program with the accreditation of the Hungarian Bar Association, we launched the lectures in the scope and content fit for credit point training, organized by our expert partner in the field of education, Vezinfó Kft.

Our colleagues - who have up-to-date theoretical and extensive practical experience in the respective fields - have compiled a series of 4-module lecture titled “Legal Practice in Real Estate Affairs”, worth a total of 8 credit points.

Our instructors and topics in the order of the modules:

  • Dr. György Zalavári: Realtor activities of lawyers (1) and Tax and levy implications of real estate transactions (2)
  • Dr. Kornél Jean: Acquisition of agricultural land ownership and use of agricultural land (3)
  • Dr. Kinga Kálmán: Legal issues of loft conversions of condominiums (4)

In the framework of the video conference, we will explore some currently interesting topics in property law, present a complex professional background and offer knowledge that can be used in everyday life - not only for lawyers!

Each module of the training published on the Vezinfó website is between 120-150 minutes long and can be viewed with a password valid for 60 days from the first entry.

The long-term, strategic partner of Ecovis Hungary Legal is Vezinfó Kiadó és Tanácsadó Kft. We would like to thank their experts for their supportive cooperation in the production of e-learning video materials!