Neighbor Rights

What is mine from the neighbor's garden

Who hasn’t had a dispute with his neighbor yet?
Owning a real property means both rights and obligations; together they are called neighbor rights by the law. These are quite accurate guidance for living peacefully side by side and for the early settlement of disputes.
In many cases, regulations applicable to both vertical and horizontal dimensions respond to very banal, everyday incidents, so it is useful to know them at least roughly.
Who has the obligation to set up the fence? What can we do if the roots or branches of a neighboring plant reach over to our real property or its crops fall through? When are we required to allow someone else to enter our property?
In our recent article, we give clear answers to these and other questions.
And if you are curious about the boundaries of your property upwards and downwards, we can give you a taste of it. Building a bottomless lake or flying a drone is clearly not a private matter either. Our experts also gathered a bunch of rights and obligations that affect the property vertically, and in a previous article we briefly described how long a property lasts up and down.
 You can find a comprehensive overview in our Hungarian blog entries. If you are interested in this topic please, contact us for more information in English. 

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