What we are aiming towards is not just one man's vision

July 16, 2021 | Vocational

Dr. Kornél Jean, Ecovis Hungary Legal's Managing Partner shares his views in an interview on the background to the change in ownership effective from the 1st of July, as well as on the new operating model and on the future of the legal profession.

Starting from the generational change that led to the new ownership structure, the interview takes the reader through current issues that may be interested to professionals and clients of the law firm.

The strengthening of the role of the partners as owners in the law firm and the results already achieved, furthermore the plans to be implemented are also discussed, as well as the Ecovis culture and working style. An important part of the interview is where the characteristics of quality customer service are defined by an expert well-versed in the complexity of business. And a description about the operation of the workshop, which provides a broad and solid knowledge base for young lawyers, gives an insight into the working environment.

In the interview made in a personal manner our managing partner presents the future character and professional goals of Ecovis Hungary Legal, including his own role, based on his experience and on his belief in the importance of human relations. 

We are pleased to offer you the interview in Hungarian.