June 19, 2020
In the online space, it has been striking for some time now that the number of new entrants to the market with home-made products or innovative services has increased. Many have been forced to do so because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the demand for domestic products and services has also strengthened significantly. However, only few seek legal advice before choosing a name, although... »
May 14, 2020
Economy protection action plans for the state-of-emergency aims at saving jobs in 2 steps. The government decree of 29 April significantly simplified how apply for reduced working hours grant and also employers now have greater leeway. Thus, executive officers have begun to redesign scenarios at a rapid pace, and employees have a better chance of keeping their jobs.   It is worth getting... »
April 02, 2020
In the event of the coronavirus emergency, we have deviated from our good old customs, so it is particularly important to review our contractual relationships. Understanding our opportunities in the legal environment that changes almost every day can serve as a guide even in the consequent uncertainty:   • Am I obliged to perform the contract during an emergency? • When will performance... »
March 19, 2020
With the health emergency all over the world, an unknown period has begun in our life where we all have great responsibility and in respect of which our law firm has got no tried-and-tested scenario either. As lawyers, for safety reasons, we can work remotely, while, adjusting to our clients’ need, we strive to operate our infrastructure flexibly and to perform our tasks in necessary external... »
February 28, 2020
A corporate email account that may be used for private correspondence raises various privacy issues for all of us. The problem under the GDPR may not be resolved by only saying that employers own and freely dispose of business email addresses. If an employer grants permission also for private use, employees may have a legitimate reason to object to arbitrary access. And the fine can be... »
January 28, 2020
Who hasn’t had a dispute with his neighbor yet? Owning a real property means both rights and obligations; together they are called neighbor rights by the law. These are quite accurate guidance for living peacefully side by side and for the early settlement of disputes. In many cases, regulations applicable to both vertical and horizontal dimensions respond to very banal, everyday incidents, so... »
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