February 28, 2020
A corporate email account that may be used for private correspondence raises various privacy issues for all of us. The problem under the GDPR may not be resolved by only saying that employers own and freely dispose of business email addresses. If an employer grants permission also for private use, employees may have a legitimate reason to object to arbitrary access. And the fine can be... »
January 28, 2020
Who hasn’t had a dispute with his neighbor yet? Owning a real property means both rights and obligations; together they are called neighbor rights by the law. These are quite accurate guidance for living peacefully side by side and for the early settlement of disputes. In many cases, regulations applicable to both vertical and horizontal dimensions respond to very banal, everyday incidents, so... »
December 09, 2019
Telecommuting means a well-known and widely applied way of employment which is regulated by the Labor Code; however there are various misbeliefs and misunderstanding in terms of the rules and related rights. Teleworkers’ employment is a type of works that can be carried out from home but it is not the kind of home office we use in everyday vocabulary. The teleworker is also entitled to basic... »
November 16, 2019
Rules for simple notification on the construction of residential buildings changed on October 24, 2019. The changes facilitate the administrative and notification burdens for those builders who build their home for their own housing needs as private individuals - and where construction works require notification only. Briefly, there are two major differences: It is not mandatory for the... »
October 25, 2019
Almost every family has browsed on the internet looking for labor laws related to having children or has sought advice from a familiar HR professional or on social media forums. This time, our attorneys have created a 3-part series of articles summarizing the important labor law aspects of working during pregnancy, maternity leave and return to... »
October 01, 2019
During the sale and purchase of real estate, we can clearly settle the claims and burdens indicated on the title deed, but there may also be utility or common cost debts that we may not be aware of. However, as a new owner, we are also severely affected even if the debt was incurred under the previous owner. Is it possible to oblige the current owner of a property to pay the utility debt that... »
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