December 20, 2022 | CSR
Dear Clients, Partners and Friends!  2022 has been a challenging year for all of us, but looking back on the past year we are grateful that we have been able to support our clients successfully in the face of unexpected challenges. We hope that the obstacles we have overcome together will strengthen the foundations of our cooperation based on mutual trust, and we look forward with... »
December 14, 2022 | CSR
In the spirit of our social responsibility, we have once again donated this year's Christmas gifts to VONESZO - Foundation for the Disadvantaged in 2022. VONESZO's project " Teenage Adventure, Take Me In" provides development opportunities for teenagers living in a family's temporary home. The Foundation uses a variety of art therapy tools and improvisational theatre techniques to help young... »
August 29, 2022 | Vocational
We launched the ECOVIS internship program a year ago. Such a decision always entails certain structural changes. A young law student in the middle of her studies and development joined our office, who counterbalanced all this with her immeasurable enthusiasm and desire for knowledge from the first moment and she is a valuable member of the team having a delightful character. In the case of... »
June 30, 2022 | Events
Our client, Wienerberger Hungary, organizes the Tour de Wiener bike race every year for its own employees, partners and other guests. Representing Ecovis Hungary Legal, one of our partner lawyers regularly enters this sporting event, generally accompanied by her/his family. This year, in June the venue for the event having its10th anniversary was the shores of Lake Tisza, where participants... »
May 30, 2022 | Events
The head of the mining law practice group at Ecovis Hungary Legal has been honored with a professional award. The Hungarian Mining Association held its 30th anniversary general meeting on Thursday last week. At the ceremony, dr. Jean Kornél, our partner lawyer, as the chairman of the Legal Committee of the Hungarian Mining Association, was honored with a professional medal in recognition of... »
April 27, 2022 | CSR
The foundation Ecovis & friends launched its aid program in March in partnership with German, Polish and Ukrainian organisations supporting children and young people staying in Ukraine or fled to Poland. In order to ensure that the aid reaches where it is needed as quickly as possible, the foundation introduces on its website those organisations and projects that the Ecovis & friends... »
March 30, 2022 | Vocational
The competition for junior lawyers at Ecovis Hungary Legal continued in 2021, and dr. Daniel Kaltenecker could take home the first prize once again repeating his excellent performance of last year. As the strict pandemic rules have been finally lifted we had the chance to gather for the first time in a long time to celebrate the success of our colleague and to congratulate and to toast to him... »
February 23, 2022 | CSR
From 2022, Ecovis Hungary Legal will place greater emphasis on environmentally conscious and sustainable operations, a healthy work environment and professional activities related to environmental protection. The law firm where a strategic renewal took place last year has initiated various changes. As one of these changes we recently chose a special, innovative solution to ensure good air in... »
January 26, 2022 | Events
Ecovis Hungary Legal chose Ecovis Musketeer for the fifth time in December 2021: The 4 Musketeers became 5 this year! It was not on purpose but there was a tie in one of the categories from the beginning of the vote which lasted until the final round. So for the first time in our five-year old program, but just this year, we awarded 5 Musketeers as our best: (from left to right on the picture... »
December 21, 2021 | Events
We are closing the year of changes by saying thank you: In 2021 we successfully delivered on our engagements while we went through a restructuring, and the renewed ownership of our firm will continue to move forward with new visions in 2022, while preserving our professional and moral values. We are also grateful that we have been able to do our job effectively despite of the continued... »