October 29, 2021
What happens when an account holder is tricked into voluntarily completing a particular transaction? For example, false information is given about a payment obligation in connection with a transaction. In such a case, the account holder initiates the transfer and enters the identification codes himself. Consequently, the payment transaction is voluntarily initiated and executed, as the object of... »
September 23, 2021
All but one partner are active lawyers in the restructured ownership of Ecovis Hungary Legal. Their ages represent a generational change in the life of the firm. The professional goals, personalities and community values of the partners shape the future of the law firm in many ways, so their individual vision is as important as their commitment and responsibility. They are all experienced... »
July 04, 2021
We would like to inform you that the ownership structure of Ecovis Hungary Legal has changed and our law firm will continue to operate from 1 July 2021 with a changed name, with 7 partners at the same registered office. The founding equity partner of our firm, Dr. Péter Róbert Balogh, has left the partnership and Ecovis Hungary Legal will keep on cooperating with his new firm. Our professional... »
May 28, 2021
In the last 1 year, we have become accustomed to our lives becoming unpredictable. Almost every family has experienced the insecurity of the disease and many have lost their loved ones unexpectedly. Responsible decisions need to be made under incredible stress.   Many of our clients have asked for legal or even mediation assistance in managing probate matters. We have published some... »
April 30, 2021
For a property owner, it is a must to know that such a valuable asset comes with many and recurring obligations. But not everyone is aware of the regulations that are also mandatory to meet in addition to the usual financial burdens (e.g. duty, building tax, overhead, common charges, renovation fund). Although we rarely hear about the following 2 tasks, these are our statutory liabilities and... »
March 25, 2021
It is easy to commit defamation if you get into a heated dispute in social media. When you are harshly criticised or when it is you having a bad day and you fail to remain objective in a comment - it can even fall into the category of defamation. And if someone takes it seriously and makes a report, it can also lead to criminal liability and legal consequences. What is defamation? According... »