April 30, 2021
For a property owner, it is a must to know that such a valuable asset comes with many and recurring obligations. But not everyone is aware of the regulations that are also mandatory to meet in addition to the usual financial burdens (e.g. duty, building tax, overhead, common charges, renovation fund). Although we rarely hear about the following 2 tasks, these are our statutory liabilities and... »
March 25, 2021
It is easy to commit defamation if you get into a heated dispute in social media. When you are harshly criticised or when it is you having a bad day and you fail to remain objective in a comment - it can even fall into the category of defamation. And if someone takes it seriously and makes a report, it can also lead to criminal liability and legal consequences. What is defamation? According... »
February 25, 2021
After 16 years, a new law on viticulture and winery was adopted which will replace the old regulation from 1 August 2021. As it is a special food industry product, the main subject of the law is the regulation of wine products intended for public consumption by formulating consumer protection and quality assurance standards - but it also contains a chapter on viticulture.   - Is a new law... »
January 27, 2021
It has become a general question: If I signed the contract for a newly built home last year, can I claim the difference back this year? And am I going to pay less for the next installment?  According to the VAT reduction, the invoice for the purchase of a newly built apartment issued after 1 January 2021 is taxed at a rate of 5% instead of the previous 27%.   Our brief legal opinion... »
December 02, 2020
In this article, we would like to explain how the in-kind contribution of a tangible asset should be accounted for and why this type of tangible asset derecognition should be treated differently. First of all, it is important to emphasize that tangible assets can be disposed on several titles, the most common of which are: - sale - transfer in kind - transfer free of charge -... »
November 25, 2020
The year-end game has begun: What to do with the not allocated vacation days? Although many have already used much of their vacation this year to keep their jobs, there are employees who have been unable to take their days off or have set it aside as an emergency reserve. Employers also tend to approach the issue loosely and do not feel the responsibility for the rule that “Vacation time... »