October 10, 2018
Many think that a written private testament locked down in a drawer is simply enough to determine the order of succession. However; the document will be later found or not; but in several cases the will be invalid due to formal mistakes. Then the will has been made in vain and intestate succession will be applied. There are several ways to make a last will: it can be a holographic one or we... »
August 16, 2018
What can a condominium do if an owner rents out his unit for Airbnb? On the other hand, what issues should you consider if you wish to provide accommodation services in your apartment? In general it can be said that owners have the right to make use of their flat at their own discretion; while the co-owners have the right to take legal actions against disturbances in the condominium.... »
July 12, 2018
If we wish to avoid unpleasant surprises in relation to our official summer vacation period, then we do have to be familiar with some important statutory provisions regarding the allocation of summer holidays: Many people are unaware that basically it is the employers’ discretion to allocate summer vacation. However, it is not completely up to the employers to decide about vacation time as... »
May 09, 2018
The state tax authority (NAV) has prepared around five million provisional personal income tax returns this year which function as a kind of recommendation. However, a provisional tax return is only a draft which is prepared on the basis of the data available in the registries of the NAV and which does not necessarily contain all the data you need to report. What could be those incomes and... »
April 20, 2018
Paper free Tax Authority The Hungarian Tax Athority – uniquely in EU – launched the paper-free tax audit successfully. This will result in significant cost and time savings to the enterpreneurs. Preliminary announcement on self revision We draw your attention to a new document (18ONELLB). With this document tax payer can announce the future self revision and within 15 days of... »
April 19, 2018
From 2018, the construction of solar power plants is expected to boom: According to the amendment of the act on the protection of land last year, and to the new measures entering into force this year, the use of poorer quality land for other purposes may be exempted provided that only low-power plants are built and operated thereon. The procedure has become considerably simpler, quicker and... »