February 06, 2019
The „Portability Regulation” – officially called Regulation (EU) 2017/1128 of the European Parliament and of the Council – is part of the EU digital single market strategy; it is applicable from 20/03/2018 and it facilitates cross-border portability of online content. Basically the regulation enables EU citizens who are subscribers to a streaming service (such as Netflix, Spotify, HBO GO) to... »
February 06, 2019
We would like to draw your attention to a couple of auditors related news and changes of rules applicable also for the civil sector. Modification in Policy of Mentors by Hungarian Chamber of Auditors From now all mentor has to send the valuation of the auditor candidate within 90 days after finishing mentor year. The auditor or auditing company can not be a mentor if against him there was a... »
January 22, 2019
Most people know only certain parts of the new law popularly called as the “overtime act” or “slave act” which was interpreted in the media in various ways. However, an objective explanation of the facts is still missing – in our new article we are trying to fill this gap: independent assessment of the law from the prospective of a lawyer. The “overtime act” entered into force on the 1st of... »
January 08, 2019
Happy New Year! It is the characteristic of the first days following the holidays that people begin to return their presents and exchange ill-fitting ones or try to obtain a refund to the value of the gift.  However, it is common that our efforts come up short whether the gift was purchased in a retail shop or in a webshop. We can save a lot of annoyance if we are aware of our options... »
December 11, 2018
During the Christmas season, labour law consequences of “accidents” taking place at corporate events are particularly relevant. Is dismissal with immediate effect lawful if the employee got a little drunk? Is the employee to pay for the damage if he dropped the Herendi porcelain? Will the employee get sick pay if dancing with the boss ends in an injury? May the company event be held either... »
November 27, 2018
Recently it is more and more popular to rent out real properties and it is more and more often that tenants just won’t leave the premises at the end of the tenancy and landlords can only enforce their rights by litigation. It is also a similar problem when a tenant rejects to pay and no matter that the landlord legally gives eviction notice to the tenant, the latter would not leave the real... »